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Adidas X Football Boots

In the world of football, speed is a prized asset. The Adidas X football boots are a testament to this need for speed. These boots are designed with precision and innovation at their forefront and have become synonymous with acceleration, agility, and the ability to leave defenders in the dust.

At Soccer Supplier, we sell classic and newly released pairs from the Adidas X boot line.

Find both soft-ground and firm-ground boots on our website.

Where to buy Adidas X Football Boots?

At Soccer Supplier we sell a variety of Adidas football boots from Adidas Predators, F50, Copa and boots from the X boot line. All these pairs and more can be found in brand-new and unworn condition through the link below.

Professionals that wear Adidas X, Football Boots

The most famous professional to wear football boots from this line is Lionel Messi!

At Soccer Supplier, we have sold Adidas X football boots to several pros, including Inter Milan RB Denzel Dumfries and Everton Defender Ben Godfrey. Both Dumfries and Godfrey wear Adidas football boots & they purchased the pairs seen below from us.

Denzel Dumfries Adidas X Football Boots
Ben Godfrey Adidas boot delivery

Key Features of Adidas X:

One of the standout features of pairs from this boot range is their lightweight construction. The Adidas X Speedportal boots from this range are engineered with a carbon propulsion system to increase acceleration. While using innovative materials and minimalistic designs that ensure that these boots don't weigh players down.

Despite their focus on speed, these football boots don't compromise on ball control. They feature cutting-edge technology like textured uppers and grip elements that improve ball contact and handling, enabling players to maintain precision while moving at high speeds.

The latest Adidas boot from this range is the Speedportal line and we have multiple pairs of firm ground and soft ground available on our website, find the perfect pair for any surface conditions.

Impact on the Game:

Adidas X football boots have redefined what it means to be fast on the pitch, as they allow footballers to gain an extra edge. Players who lace up and play in these boots gain a significant advantage in terms of acceleration and top-speed sprinting, making them a nightmare for defenders.

While Adidas X football boots are known for their speed, they are versatile enough to cater to players of different positions. Wingers, forwards, and even attacking midfielders have all benefited from the agility and responsiveness these boots offer.

The new Adidas X football boots have a streamlined fit to your feet but still allow for great comfort as you can buy these in a laceless or laced version. They also come in an FG and SG soleplate so you can play on any playing surface.


The Adidas X football boots embody the need for speed in modern football. Their innovative design, lightweight construction, and focus on ball control have made them a go-to choice for footballers who want to push the limits of their performance. Whether you're an aspiring speed demon or simply appreciate the fusion of power and function, Adidas X boots represent a pinnacle of football footwear technology that continues to shape the way the game is played. So, if you're looking to unleash your inner speed demon on the pitch, consider lacing up in a pair of Adidas X boots and experience the thrill of unmatched agility and acceleration.

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