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At Soccer Supplier, we are trusted to deliver elite-model boots to top-league talents. Click here to view just some of the professional clients we have delivered soft ground boots to, to help them stay on top of their game!

View all of the Soft Ground Football boots we have in stock below, from the classic and retro pairs to the latest releases. 

Read more about the different types of Soft Ground Football Boots here


What are Soft Ground Football Boots?

Soft Ground Football Boots have metal studs on the soleplate of the boot. These metal studs are longer than normal firm ground studs and penetrate wet/ damp surfaces easier which provides players with extra grip. 

The major boot companies such as Adidas, Puma and New Balance usually bring out both Firm Ground and Soft Ground Boots which are available to the general public. 

Nike has also brought out a soft ground boot technology called 'SG-Pro Anti-Clog' This along with their Firm Ground boots is available to the general public to purchase. 

Nike also offer SG-Pro boots which from 2016 onwards were only given to their professional athletes! However, if you want to buy these player-issue pairs we have a variety in-stock so you can play like a pro in wet conditions.

Difference between Nike SG-Pro & Anti-Clog Boots

To view, the difference between Nikes SG-Pro Anti-Clog Technology and their player-issue SG-Pro boots read our in-depth blog here.